Meet CTG: Ryan Howard

Welcome to Meet CTG, a feature where you can learn more about one of the team members who help bring our games to you.

Name (and CTG nickname): Ryan Howard, “Lhadnil”

What do you do at CTG?

I’m CTG’s content writer and editor. I copyedit CTG’s gaming materials and communications, write public relations media and blog posts, and help craft story and lore for our game worlds.

When did you start working with CTG?

I began freelancing editing and writing with CTG in 2017, and I started working for the company full-time in February 2020.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My wife, Kim, and I have two sons. I host a podcast in which a friend and I watch a random episode of any Star Trek show and talk about it. In my free time, I like to read comics, play games on my Switch, and watch and review movies.

What did you do before you came to CTG?

I was a reporter and editor at various community newspapers around Minnesota.

What’s your favorite part of working at CTG?

It’s a very collaborative, creative environment where everyone is enthusiastic about their work.

What’s your favorite CTG game, and why?

I think I will always be partial to Cloudspire, as it’s the first CTG game I made significant lore contributions to. And, like all of our games, it’s really fun!

Give us two top five lists.

Five favorite current writers:

  1. Mark Russell
  2. Abhay Khosla
  3. Emily VanDerWerff
  4. Tegan O’Neil
  5. Alexandra Petri

Five favorite podcasts:

  1. Harmontown
  2. The Flop House
  3. James Bonding
  4. My Brother, My Brother and Me
  5. iFanboy